1983 Gravois Aluminum Boat For Sale

Sold This is a boat we bought for commercial cat-fishing back in 1983 from Gravois boats. That was back in the time when they where just getting a foothold in the custom aluminum boat business. They went on to become famous for their big v-bottom bay boats built for sport fishermen. I was over to … Read more

Finally Got To Go Geocaching

Today my oldest grandson and I went geocaching and found seven. My first trip, but he had been a couple of times with his parents. It’s easy to see why it’s a growing outdoor hobby for all ages. We had the standard hand held GPS, but also used my iPhone with the new Geocaching app … Read more

openSuse 10.2 – I’m In The Minority

I have been fascinated with Open Source software ever since discovering computers and the internet. They are labors of love for the developers and free tools for those that can freely grab them. The Firefox browser is a great example.
The biggy for me though is to use something as a substitute for Windows. Not because

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