Holy Spirit Pin 18 Years Later

My friend Vince fished with me for a year ending in the Spring of 1989. In April of that year we were in Bayou Lacassine and pulled up under a Cypress tree to eat our lunch.

Vince had this nice little Holy Spirit pin on his hat and the back band broke. Well those cheap caps are throwaways but the pin was to nice. He spontaneously stuck it in a big cypress like you would a tack on a bulletin board.

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Great Free Photo Resizer

I just made a nice find in FastStone Photo Resizer Version 2.4. None of my image editing applications seemed to do a batch resize fast and easy so I went looking and found this.

It’s a free download and is so easy. You just set the destination folder, rename, and the percent of original. This is

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Family of 13 Sells Catholic Sacramentals

This is great human interest and the place to go if you need Catholic Sacramentals. Wendy and Walt have been running this spiritual ministry out of their home for 10 years now and call it The Cukierski Family Apostolate.
Their story is better told by Wendy herself on their site. Give it a look and browse

Age Is No Excuse

I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about being too old for online shopping. My Mother is 89 and she still banks and occasionally shops online. She was over 80 when she got her first PC.
If you are a site owner or designer you had better take the aging of America into consideration. Accessibility is

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