Louisiana seafood processor and distributor of crabs, catfish, crawfish

Since 1975 our honest commitment to quality and service has enabled Catfish Wholesale to serve you both now and in the future with our premium quality products. Harvested fresh daily from Gulf Coast waters, our fishermen supply both fresh and salt water seafood. After careful processing, we distribute these products to you via truck and … Read more

Since I Retired From Catfishing

This was originally written back in March 2011 and I have since gotten an outboard in addition to the kayak, and have been better skilled at catching sac-a-lait. “It was March 15th, 2003 that I pulled my last hoop net out of White Lake. I had spent over 30 years running from Lake Charles to … Read more

Catfish Skinning Machine

In the early days all the catfish were hung on hooks and the skin was pulled off by hand with skinning pliers. That was the way it had been done for years and was slow and labor intensive. Later on we got this Baader Skinning Machine that picked up the speed, but had to be … Read more

Catfish Beheading Saw

Only a few people are trusted to run the band saw for deheading catfish. A good operator can process up to 50 fish in a minute. It’s hard monotinus work that won’t allow for a momements carelessness. There are lots of people in the meat packing industry that have lost fingers or worse to these … Read more

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