Credit Card Rewards

Hopefully you aren’t like me and asleep at the wheel when it comes to Credit Card rewards. I have several cards dating back over the years. One of the newer ones keeps hyping "what’s in your wallet" and it got me to thinking about  rewards.

Rewards are somtimes referred to as miles or points. The revelation came when I realized that all my other older cards had no rewards. When I really felt dumb was after calling all my card companies and shifting to rewards based accounts. Sometimes they issue a new card, but on one they let me keep the old number.

They each have several plans so take the time to get the one right for you. In talking to friends and relatives about rewards it’s obvious that a lot of others have been asleep at the wheel also.


DIRECTV Fine Print

This is one of those buyer beware posts. On 03/07/2007 I was shopping for satellite TV and looked over the deals on the internet, and wound up on the DIRECTV web site. Here is a screen shot of part of what caught my eye. Now take a good look at the light grey text at the bottom. That’s the part I failed to see, and so did others that I showed it to.  screen shot with fine grey print  Here is where the ad is now, but it was up toward the front of the site when I first saw it.

Now I am thinking that the deal me and the sales lady are discussing was for a $39.99 package. She tells me at the end that I’ll get a $10.00 discount for 12 months and I’m thinking my bill would be $29.99. Continue reading “DIRECTV Fine Print”