Rule 2000 – The Only Bilge Pump For Me




If this sounds biased that’s because it is. The Rule 2000 just works day after day. My outboard catfish boat always took a lot of water over the transom working in rough open water. Between every net there was about five gallons of wash down water for the bilge pump to clear. Don’t remind me of the big blows where I would seek shelter and the rain came down in buckets.

The Rule 2000 lasts me about 4.5 years. Remember that commercial fishing years are like dog years compared to sport usage. I see they have the Rule 2000 Automatic now but I’m not interested. The plain Rule 2000 with a Rule Super Switch is automatic enough for me. I have never had both go out at the same time and when you add up the dollars it seems to make sense.

The one I have now is dead but it’s replacement is already here. I got it at Amazon for a good price after shopping around. They are real nice folks or I wouldn’t be mentioning their name here. They also have the Rule Super Switch that I use.



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