About John

Boy I hate writing about myself, and I suffered over whether to display my identity here or not. In the end it seemed to me that the only to have this thing have a ring of credibility was to unmask.

I’m an old washed up fisherman trying to make it in an online world. I say old because ten grand children gives me that right. Old is a good thing cause it means you survived being young. As a fisherman I caught catfish for over thirty years.

For the last five or so years I have been designing web sites, repairing computers, and now Search Marketing. The online world is a touch-and-go competitive world. It’s populated like any town in the world with crooks and saints. The crooks make life rough for all of us.

I put off doing a blog for quite a while. It just seemed like more work than worth, but the evidence has been pointing to blogs being good for your sites exposure in the search engines. Search is a huge factor for my efforts now and when the oracle of the Googleplex, Matt Cutts, spoke I was persuaded. He said that a blog is “a good way to get links”, and that pushed me to make this blog move.

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