So far from White Lake world.

The glacier was a lot further than it looked and we didn’t make it.


Commercial Catfishing

Hoop nets were a way of life for over 30 years starting back in 1972. This domain was the first one I bought way back in the day. I’m keeping it alive to document some of those memories. I also have a collection of unrelated techno-garbage that’s accumulated over the years.

Smash the button below to hear Proud Mary which really sums up my life.

Sports Fishing

The smile on his face tells you what it’s all about. This was his first Crappie and it was caught in Miami Corp permit territory. He has since become a really good fisherman and cleans and cooks most of the fish caught when he is in the boat.

By the way here in SW Louisiana Crappie are often called “sac-a-lait” or even “white perch” even though they aren’t really in the perch family.

More on the sport side can be found on the companion site….

Assorted Articles

Catfish Skinning Machine

In the early days all the catfish were hung on hooks and the skin was pulled off by hand with skinning pliers. That was the way it had been done…

Neighbors On The Water

Oil industry workers of all sorts were the only people I could really enjoy seeing. Other commercial fisherman were competition and that involved a lot of secrecy.

Recreational fisherman and other boaters were just a nuisance. You never knew it they were going to grab a net or two when no one was looking. In hindsight after going over to their side I realize 99% of them weren’t interested in what I had going on at all.

Boat image borrowed from as my personal image of the Christian Cenac was not to good.

frick & frack

Frick & Frack Hotspot In Lower Lacassine

Used to fish this region with the nets starting in October and going until around middle of February. A good current in May/June could mean some real good loads of catfish.

Now it’s only Crappie I’m after and this spot is always a good for picking up a couple on the way home in the summer. This location got it’s name from my fishing son-in-law. Two other fisherman had beat us to the place and he remarked “Frick & Frack are already there”.

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