Since I Retired From Catfishing


This was originally written back in March 2011 and I have since gotten an outboard in addition to the kayak, and have been better skilled at catching sac-a-lait.

“It was March 15th, 2003 that I pulled my last hoop net out of White Lake. I had spent over 30 years running from Lake Charles to Lake Maurepas. We went as far North as Butte La Rose, but mostly we fished as close as possible to Catfish Wholesale.

Last summer I sold my boat, and soon after felt cut off from being able to go on the water to all my nice spots. I turned around and bought a kayak. It’s a little humbling paddling for hours the distance that I was covering in minutes. My idea was to get some exorcise to offset sitting at this computer all day.

I got a mountain bike for the lower half and together with the kayak I’m staying fairly fit. I ride the mountain bike in the sugar cane fields most of the time if it hasn’t just rained. There’s lots of coyote sign out there and we have seen 3 over the years just behind the house.

I’ve started trying to catch crappie out of the kayak, but so far the joke is on me. It’s a lot different than trying to catch catfish with nets. I remember all the variety we would catch. Everything from blue crabs to sac-a-lait. Of course we had to throw the game fish back.

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