Havahart Armadillo Trap Maintenance

If you are trying to trap armadillos with the Havahart model we use here is a tip. Make sure to check the trigger as it gets older. Ours is 4 years old now and I have seen catch fall off only to find that it need a drop of oil or a tweak now and then.

The damage was getting extra bad and I was wondering why no catch only to find that the trigger was stiff. Testing it with a stick tells the story. You don’ t want a roach to set it off, but neither require an elephant either. Test it and think armadillo. The hinges get stiff and I use a little 30w motor oil and put a drop on the trigger also. I try not to get too messy with the oil so as not to repel my guests. 🙂

Finally Got To Go Geocaching

Today my oldest grandson and I went geocaching and found seven. My first trip, but he had been a couple of times with his parents. It’s easy to see why it’s a growing outdoor hobby for all ages.

We had the standard hand held GPS, but also used my iPhone with the new Geocaching app to provide the cache information. We where doing a little friendly competition to see if the iPhone GPS could hunt with the Garmin hand held. The iPhone was pretty darn close, but not quite as good as the Garmin.

I’m sure there are many caches that you could find with the iPhone though. I have created a little .mobi mobile web site thinking that there might be a tie in here somewhere.

It’s not much yet but you can check geocashe.mobi and comment either here or via it’s contact form.

Google Reader – Finally Tried It Tonight

Man am I slow. Google Reader has been out a good while and I am just now giving it a try. It is really nice and fast to get going with.

If you have a Google Account just follow the above link and log in. Click Add Subscription on the left and easily search for your favorite feed. No "how to" needed or setup. There is a tutorial if you want and you will see it after login. Enjoy!

A Happy Armadillo Trapper

I thought I would share a response to my Armadillo Trap page. A visitor e-mailed me today with a success story on the same trap that we use plus some tips on how she did it. This is copied with her permission. The trap we are discussing can be bought at Shopping Warehouse.

From: Trapper80 I bought the same trap and since August ’06 I have captured 16 (I love to count too) Holes everywhere. One morning I filled 97 holes in my lawn. Then I got serious. I put the trap against my house over an exisiting hole. Continue reading “A Happy Armadillo Trapper”

From Child to Praying Man

We are in exile in Shreveport waiting on my wife’s open heart surgery. They moved it out a week while she recovers from a traumatic event that happened the first night in the hospital here. Her roomate died unexpectedly in the night, but this is not about that.

Last night we got a call from a priest friend in Montana. He serves a parish on an Indian Reservation, and had gotten together with a few friends for some special prayer for me and my wife in a sweat lodge. Our friend informed us that one of the men praying for us was in her second grade class there on the reservation. He remebered that I had visited from Tennessee before our marriage and given him a squirrel tail.

The point of this is that you never know what dividends may flow from kindness to a child. A little time invested 40 years ago is paying off big now. To any who may read this please invest a few seconds of prayer for us now.