Finally Got To Go Geocaching


Today my oldest grandson and I went geocaching and found seven. My first trip, but he had been a couple of times with his parents. It’s easy to see why it’s a growing outdoor hobby for all ages.

We had the standard hand held GPS, but also used my iPhone with the new Geocaching app to provide the cache information. We where doing a little friendly competition to see if the iPhone GPS could hunt with the Garmin hand held. The iPhone was pretty darn close, but not quite as good as the Garmin.

2 thoughts on “Finally Got To Go Geocaching”

  1. Congrats on the new finds! My wife and I started with an older Garmin, but she now has the Geocache Navigator on her Blackberry. That thing is VERY accurate. Problem is, it doesn’t work outside of the Sprint coverage. So we just stick to the nearby caches.

    Great activity.

  2. tonka_boy, I went to the geocat blog and enjoyed the coffin cash story. Got to pass that along.

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