Sleeping Bag Survival


Something to think about before dozing off in your nice warm and cozy sleeping bag. Say a prayer for and be mindful of ways to help Veterans that have to camp to survive.

I just discovered Wanderingvet after a search bringing me to his recent post titled “8 to 12 Hugs a Day?”. Don’t go there unless you are willing to be moved.

In Wanderingvet’s Survival Tips I found his post on Sleeping Bag Survival, and it only added to an idea that’s been sloshing around in my brain. There’s got to be a way to recycle our old sleeping bags to these homeless vets.

As you can tell from this blog I try to make a little money off these efforts by promoting worthy products and merchants. My hope for today is to find channels to get our used gear to the homeless especially our Veterans.

It would be much easier justifying an upgrade in gear if we knew that our quality used gear could go to someone who could really use it. If you have a great idea along these lines please contact me so we can promoted it here. If you would like to write a guest post on the topic even better.

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