A Happy Armadillo Trapper


I thought I would share a response to my Armadillo Trap page. A visitor e-mailed me today with a success story on the same trap that we use plus some tips on how she did it. This is copied with her permission. The trap we are discussing can be bought at Shopping Warehouse.

From: Trapper80 I bought the same trap and since August ’06 I have captured 16 (I love to count too) Holes everywhere. One morning I filled 97 holes in my lawn. Then I got serious. I put the trap against my house over an existing hole. I put inexpensive vinyl fencing (2′ high) from my house to the neighbors house. They like to follow fences and foundations. Bingo!!! I love the sound of the trap slamming shut. My dog knows as soon as we walk out of the house in the morning that there is one in the trap…they STINK!!! Also, I leave it in the trap all day long so he leaves his scent for his followers. Then it’s humanely destroyed that evening and I re-set the trap. And it’s all very legal to kill them…just not legal to relocate them. My neighbors love me. I live in Flagler County, Florida. I bought the trap on E-Bay $45 plus $10 shipping. Just makes me wonder…how many more can I get ??? One day I caught 2. I just thought I’d like to let you know how successful I’ve been. Keep those beautiful kids away from those nasty critters. Happy trapping !!!

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