openSuse 10.2 – I’m In The Minority


I have been fascinated with Open Source software ever since discovering computers and the internet. They are labors of love for the developers and free tools for those that can freely grab them. The Firefox browser is a great example.

The biggy for me though is to use something as a substitute for Windows. Not because I need to or hate Microsoft, but because I can. It’s part of living in the Free World that is Open Source. Well lately I have my second Linux based operating system installed and it is a little challenging for my age group.

I have the openSUSE 10.2 that is just out in a release version. It challenges me and for help I frequent the forum where helpful Linux folks hang out. They had a poll that I would like to share titled “How Old is Everyone Around Here?” It clearly shows that I’m in the minority at age 62 and makes me feel better about being slow. They are all just so darn young. 🙂

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