Dumping Norton AntiVirus for Avast


A while back I became totally against Norton Internet Security and refused to work on anybody’s PC that was infected by it. That’s another story as I remained loyal to Norton AntiVirus, but not any more. I’m not alone as you can see buy doing a G search for “goodbye norton antivirus“.

It became such a bloated application and seemed to slow our Windows machines down. My daughter had tried Avast Antivirus, which is free for home users, and they liked it so we are giving it a try.

I first tried Avast on my work PC which is XP and after the trial period my intention is to register it for commercial use. The Avast download and install went very smooth, and the interface is nice. I put it on an old Windows 98 PC and it to seems to work fine. This could be a long term relationship.

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