McAfee SiteAdvisor – Trying it Again

If you are concerned about surfing safety and the creepiness of a web site, SiteAdvisor might be for you. It’s available as a Firefox Extension or for IE.

McAfee has SiteAdvisor now. I have never had much luck with McAfee, and tried it a couple of months ago with the result that it crashed Firefox often and I  uninstalled it.  Now  on  the second try it seems fine.

What does it do?  Continue reading “McAfee SiteAdvisor – Trying it Again”

Firefox – Just Try It

Most all of the evil ware is aimed at Internet Explorer since about 90% of the people use it. It’s time efficient for the bad boys giving them the most bang for their buck. So I’m saying just give Firefox a try. It’s Free and you don’t have to make it your default browser until you are sure you like it.

The extensions are what make it great even though it comes with all that most folks need. I have 30 installed, but a lot are specific for web designers. Here is the Firefox Extension List so you can see whats available. People are writing new ones all the time and they are free. Continue reading “Firefox – Just Try It”

Credit Card Protection – Separate Card for Online

We have been keeping a seperate credit card account just for online and phone business. If I remember right the idea came from Kim Komando and her newsletter. The idea behind it is that if you ever have it compromised you can kill it, and keep your pocket cards active.

It makes it real easy also to keep track of your online purchases. Just recently our online card started showing problem purchases, and very quickly we were able to isolate it as fraud and have Visa destroy the number. That afternoon I was still able to buy gas.