McAfee SiteAdvisor – Trying it Again


If you are concerned about surfing safety and the creepiness of a web site, SiteAdvisor might be for you. It’s available as a Firefox Extension or for IE.

McAfee has SiteAdvisor now. I have never had much luck with McAfee, and tried it a couple of months ago with the result that it crashed Firefox often and I  uninstalled it.  Now  on  the second try it seems fine.

What does it do?  If you, for example do a google search for “your browser toolbar”, it will display a green check by all the results except the one for Hotbar gets a red x. Mouse over the red x and you get a little balloon that tells you the SiteAdvisor appraisal. In this case it says use caution.

If you are on a site and you want an evaluation of it’s safety you can click the SiteAdvisor icon in the status bar, and then click “View Site Details”.

SiteAdvisor is free and has no nags or ads. It may save you trouble in the long run.

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