From Child to Praying Man


We are in exile in Shreveport waiting on my wife’s open heart surgery. They moved it out a week while she recovers from a traumatic event that happened the first night in the hospital here. Her roomate died unexpectedly in the night, but this is not about that.

Last night we got a call from a priest friend in Montana. He serves a parish on an Indian Reservation, and had gotten together with a few friends for some special prayer for me and my wife in a sweat lodge. Our friend informed us that one of the men praying for us was in her second grade class there on the reservation. He remebered that I had visited from Tennessee before our marriage and given him a squirrel tail.

The point of this is that you never know what dividends may flow from kindness to a child. A little time invested 40 years ago is paying off big now. To any who may read this please invest a few seconds of prayer for us now.

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