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A while back an armadillo trapping visitor who called herself Trapper80 sent us this report. Today I received an update that I am posting with permission. The trap we are discussing can be bought at Shopping Warehouse.

I was in contact with you several years ago when I first started trapping armadillos. I am the woman in Central Florida that had, at that time, caught and killed around 18-20. It’s going on 4 years this August and my count is now up to 81. I mark each capture on my calendar. The best week ever was when I caught 4. It’s been kinda slow lately but I know it’ll pick up. I do have 2 traps set at all times.

It isn’t necessary to bait the trap in any way. When I catch one sometime during the night I usually leave it in the trap most of the day and it leaves a good strong scent that attracts others.  I have some really funny stories, like when I chased one across my front lawn, it ran across my driveway and along some shrubbery where it dead ended at the trap. It ran right into the trap. Slam….gotta love that sound.

The armadillos follow along straight lines, around garden edging, foundations and in my case, I kinda funnel the critter into the trap by using garden fencing. Once they enter inside the fence line, they just follow it which leads right into the trap.

I happened to turn on the tv the other day and it was Marty something from Wild Kingdom and the show was about “The amazing armadillo”. They were showing the armadillos right here in Central Florida. They made them out to be harmless and cute, even showing one escaping a gator attack.
I was hoping the gator would win.

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