Sleeping Bag Survival

Something to think about before dozing off in your nice warm and cozy sleeping bag. Say a prayer for and be mindful of ways to help Veterans that have to camp to survive. I just discovered Wanderingvet after a search bringing me to his recent post titled “8 to 12 Hugs a Day?”. Don’t go there unless … Read more

Bear In My Tent

I remember camping with the Boy Scouts at the Chimney Tops Campground, and a Black Bear came visiting while we slept. If you say there is no such campground you are right, as some years back the Park Service made this jewel in the Smokies a picnic only area. There had been a lot of … Read more

Rule 2000 – The Only Bilge Pump For Me

    If this sounds biased that’s because it is. The Rule 2000 just works day after day. My outboard catfish boat always took a lot of water over the transom working in rough open water. Between every net there was about five gallons of wash down water for the bilge pump to clear. Don’t … Read more

Havahart 1079 Trap Degraded

This is the new Havahart 1079 purchased 2/15/2017. This was the first catch of what had to be a raccoon. It’s been set for weeks by an armadillo hole with no luck. I moved it to a game trail 4 days ago and caught a cat. The next day after resetting I found it like … Read more

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