Cancer Crazy

We didn’t know how peaceful our life was until Cancer came along. My wife was found with Lymphoma about three years ago, and while she is now Cancer Free it still runs our lives. The treatments are very demanding on patients and care givers. Of course it’s worse for the patient, but it’s not easy

Comments Spam

Because comments spam is such a big problem with blogs I’ll be working extra hard formulating plans to thwart the plans of the dark side. I intend to be guided by Matt Cutt’s set up he has here.
The ones that I find will get the ax. The first night after this blog had been installed

Credit Card Protection – Separate Card for Online

We have been keeping a seperate credit card account just for online and phone business. If I remember right the idea came from Kim Komando and her newsletter. The idea behind it is that if you ever have it compromised you can kill it, and keep your pocket cards active.
It makes it real easy also to keep track of your online purchases. Just recently our online card started showing problem

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