Broken HB Transducer XTM 9 DI 25 T (6/11/2015)

These images show how the Humminbird XTM 9 DI 25 T makes contact with the mount for the Minn Kota Edge bow mount trolling motor. Labels under the images will try to describe the position of the transducer in relation to the motor and it’s mount. The transducer mounting ear on the bottom broke off … Read more

A Day on the Mermentau May 1995

The Mermentau River is probably the place that I enjoyed fishing the most. It starts near the town of Mermentau with the convergence of three pretty good size bayous. It ends in the Gulf after passing through Lake Arthur and Grand Lake. Eighty percent is kept fresh by the Catfish Locks run by the Army Corps of Engineers.

30 Years Of Commercial Fishing

  I started out commercial fishing for catfish on White Lake in 1972 after leaving the job that four years of college had prepared me for. It goes from feeling blessed to wondering if you are cursed. On paper the numbers never really add up and the economics of it all don’t work, but yet we … Read more

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