Geocaching – if I Only Had Time

I saw a piece on Geocaching on the tube a while back and it really looked like good family fun. I registered on the web site and even have my GPS picked out if I could only break free.

For those that have never heard of it here is a brief explanation. I have used GPS since the technology came alive back in the early 90’s. I would put nets in the middle of a lake with no buoys or land marks and find them easily with GPS. It’s perfect treasure hunting technology.

A little about my commercial fishing days is found here. I miss the outdoors but not the hard work.

Age Is No Excuse

I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about being too old for online shopping. My Mother is 89 and she still banks and occasionally shops online. She was over 80 when she got her first PC.

If you are a site owner or designer you had better take the aging of America into consideration. Accessibility is already becoming very important and will only grow in importance as more of our population is aging.

And to you Mom a salute. You hang in there even though that computer sometimes drives you nuts.

Cancer Crazy

We didn’t know how peaceful our life was until Cancer came along. My wife was found with Lymphoma about three years ago, and while she is now Cancer Free it still runs our lives. The treatments are very demanding on patients and care givers. Of course it’s worse for the patient, but it’s not easy watching someone you love suffer.

Even though she is Cancer Free we have to keep running back and fourth to Shreveport which is 200 miles one way. Now they want to do a bone marrow transplant just for prevention. We tired it a couple of months ago and they couldn’t get enough stem cells from her and had to call it off. Now Monday she will try an experimental drug to aid in the cell harvest, and if that works they will bring her to the edge of death and snatch her back.

Firefox – Just Try It

Most all of the evil ware is aimed at Internet Explorer since about 90% of the people use it. It’s time efficient for the bad boys giving them the most bang for their buck. So I’m saying just give Firefox a try. It’s Free and you don’t have to make it your default browser until you are sure you like it.

The extensions are what make it great even though it comes with all that most folks need. I have 30 installed, but a lot are specific for web designers. Here is the Firefox Extension List so you can see whats available. People are writing new ones all the time and they are free. Continue reading “Firefox – Just Try It”

Comments Spam

Because comments spam is such a big problem with blogs I’ll be working extra hard formulating plans to thwart the plans of the dark side. I intend to be guided by Matt Cutt’s set up he has here.

The ones that I find will get the ax. The first night after this blog had been installed it received it’s first comment spam. That shows the extent of the problem. Hopefully the automated spam chopper will get most of the crud, but time will tell.