A Happy Armadillo Trapper

I thought I would share a response to my Armadillo Trap page. A visitor e-mailed me today with a success story on the same trap that we use plus some tips on how she did it. This is copied with her permission. The trap we are discussing can be bought at Shopping Warehouse.

From: Trapper80 I bought the same trap and since August ’06 I have captured 16 (I love to count too) Holes everywhere. One morning I filled 97 holes in my lawn. Then I got serious. I put the trap against my house over an exisiting hole. Continue reading “A Happy Armadillo Trapper”

Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure there are a few that don’t have a clue what an affiliate is or what an affiliate web site does. Affiliates are about bringing possible customers to meet online merchants. It’s like a virtual introduction that combines product promotion with advertising.

You for sure have passed through some affiliate web sites and didn’t even know it. Their job is to gain visibility through Search Engine Marketing and hand off their traffic to trusted merchants that they have a formal relationship with. If a sale is made there is a small commission from the merchant to the affiliate. The customer pays no more than if he had gone directly to the merchant site. It’s a very competitive and ever changing environment.

Most affiliates and merchants are linked together by Affiliate Networks like shareasale.com that handle all the sales tracking. Give them a try if you ever feel like taking a stab at this type of Internet business. They have high standards and are respected in the industry.

From Child to Praying Man

We are in exile in Shreveport waiting on my wife’s open heart surgery. They moved it out a week while she recovers from a traumatic event that happened the first night in the hospital here. Her roomate died unexpectedly in the night, but this is not about that.

Last night we got a call from a priest friend in Montana. He serves a parish on an Indian Reservation, and had gotten together with a few friends for some special prayer for me and my wife in a sweat lodge. Our friend informed us that one of the men praying for us was in her second grade class there on the reservation. He remebered that I had visited from Tennessee before our marriage and given him a squirrel tail.

The point of this is that you never know what dividends may flow from kindness to a child. A little time invested 40 years ago is paying off big now. To any who may read this please invest a few seconds of prayer for us now.

McAfee SiteAdvisor – Trying it Again

If you are concerned about surfing safety and the creepiness of a web site, SiteAdvisor might be for you. It’s available as a Firefox Extension or for IE.

McAfee has SiteAdvisor now. I have never had much luck with McAfee, and tried it a couple of months ago with the result that it crashed Firefox often and I  uninstalled it.  Now  on  the second try it seems fine.

What does it do?  Continue reading “McAfee SiteAdvisor – Trying it Again”