DIRECTV Fine Print

This is one of those buyer beware posts. On 03/07/2007 I was shopping for satellite TV and looked over the deals on the internet, and wound up on the DIRECTV web site. Here is a screen shot of part of what caught my eye. Now take a good look at the light grey text at the bottom. That’s the part I failed to see, and so did others that I showed it to.  screen shot with fine grey print  Here is where the ad is now, but it was up toward the front of the site when I first saw it.

Now I am thinking that the deal me and the sales lady are discussing was for a $39.99 package. She tells me at the end that I’ll get a $10.00 discount for 12 months and I’m thinking my bill would be $29.99. Continue reading “DIRECTV Fine Print”

Meta Tags in WordPress

I’m trying to optimize Search Engine visibility for everything we are doing on the web. Tags help you to be found in the social bookmarking services, and for meta tags a good TITLE and description may help you with SE placement.

Some say that duplicate titles and descriptions lean Google toward calling your content duplicate which is a negative. WordPress and TypePad give you a title that is the name of your blog with the post name added after. It makes all your titles look the same and if the name of your blog is long Google’s search results all have the same title line. Check by searching for in Google or the other two major engines. Continue reading “Meta Tags in WordPress”