Rule 2000 – The Only Bilge Pump For Me



If this sounds biased that’s because it is. The Rule 2000 just works day after day. My outboard catfish boat always took a lot of water over the transom working in rough open water. Between every net there was about five gallons of wash down water for the bilge pump to clear. Don’t remind me of the big blows where I would seek shelter and the rain came down in buckets.

The Rule 2000 lasts me about 4.5 years. Remember that commercial fishing years are like dog years compared to sport usage. I see they have the Rule 2000 Automatic now but I’m not interested. The plain Rule 2000 with a Rule Super Switch is automatic enough for me. I have never had both go out at the same time and when you add up the dollars it seems to make sense.

The one I have now is dead but it’s replacement is already here. I got it at Amazon for a good price after shopping around. They are real nice folks or I wouldn’t be mentioning their name here. They also have the Rule Super Switch that I use.



Havahart 1079 Trap Degraded

This is the new Havahart 1079 purchased 2/15/2017. This was the first catch of what had to be a raccoon. It’s been set for weeks by an

armadillo hole with no luck. I moved it to a game trail 4 days ago and caught a cat. The next day after resetting I found it like this. We have a lot of raccoons and it appears that one forced his way out. I wish I had gone to Amazon reviews prior to the purchase as they are now very weakly made as further images will show.

I have a long history with the older quality version of the Havahart 1079 trap as can be seen by this catch log.


This and the next two images show where the raccoon bent the rim of the trap by pressing out on the bottom of the door. It’s very obvious that a lighter gage of wire is used in the current trap compared with the one I have over 10 years old. Havahart offered a replacement under warranty, but I see no good in that if the next one is made the same way. What if I had the trap in my car for relocation and the raccoon escaped in transit? It could have caused a fatal accident.








Below is an image of the trap I bought in June 2005. It is the same Havahart model 1079 and you can see it has a much stronger design. It’s caught many raccoons and over 120 armadillos with no breakage. It’s getting rusty and so I thought I would replace it with one just like it. Little did I know that the design had been degraded so much. I’m very sorry to have bought it and I wish Havahart would take it back. Don’t see any point to getting another like it.

In fairness to Havahart they did send me a replacement trap and told me to keep the damaged one.

Armadillo Trap – 151 Dillos Gone!

Go to the page bottom to see when the latest catch was.

Would you like to share your armadillo story and have it published here or on my blog? Just use the Contact Us form and send it in like Trapper80 did.

We live in Southwest Louisiana on one acre and after months of holes in the yard and messed up flower beds it was time for some armadillo control. I tried shooting them but they travel when I sleep. Web research brought me to the idea of an armadillo trap and I bought one online on June 25, 2005. It’s getting a little rusty 6 years later and I’m planning on getting a second one. The one I have picked out is at Shopping Warehouse and it’s the same size but collapsable.

I’m passing this on to anyone that stumbles on this site. If you want to catch an armadillo this trap really works on armadillos. This is the trap we use and it’s a Havahart. We didn’t get it from them as they seem to be more expensive than their resellers. We did finally catch a raccoon.

I just looked around till I found the armadillo holes and put the trap unbaited next to the entrance. I plan to bait with some worms if setting next to a hole stops working.

The trap seems expensive but there’s a dillo control dude in Florida that gets $50 per armadillo catch. Trapping your own pays off if you have the luck I did. The quick math shows a savings of around $7,050 (As of 05/21/2018).


Hot Tip: If your trap is not catching look for stiffness in the trigger. It has hinges that need a drop of oil every so often. If they corrode inside take a screwdriver and open them up a little. You need to test every so often and make sure the trigger is real responsive.


Dillo #10 on 10/20/2005
Dillo #11 on 11/07/2005
Dillo #12 on 03/14/2006   Spring is here!
Dillo #13 on 04/13/2006
Dillo #14 on 04/17/2006
Dillo #15 on 05/16/2006
Dillo #16 on 07/06/2006
Dillo #17 on 08/02/2006   I must love keeping records.
Dillo #18 on 09/07/2006
Dillo #19 on 05/06/2007
Dillo #20 on 05/30/2007
Dillo #21 on 06/07/2007
Dillo #22 on 07/06/2007
Dillo #23 on 07/21/2007
Dillo #24 on 07/25/2007
Dillo #25 on 08/06/2007
Dillo #26 on 08/11/2007
Dillo #27 on 10/08/2007
Dillo #28 on 03/31/2008  Season starts early!
Dillo #29 on 04/07/2008
Dillo #30 on 04/23/2008  They never stop!
Dillo #31 on 05/02/2008
Dillo #32 on 05/15/2008
Dillo #33 on 05/18/2008
Dillo #34 on 05/24/2008
Dillo #35 on 06/08/2008
Dillo #36 on 07/06/2008  Hid the trap under grass!
Dillo #37 on 07/10/2008  Hid the trap under grass!
Dillo #38 on 04/02/2009  A new season begins!
Dillo #39 on 04/23/2009
Dillo #40 on 05/07/2009
Dillo #41 on 05/08/2009
Dillo #42 on 06/01/2009
Dillo #43 on 06/02/2009
Dillo #44 on 06/27/2009
Dillo #45 on 07/20/2009
Dillo #46 on 07/28/2009
Dillo #47 on 07/30/2009
Dillo #48 on 11/21/2009  First November Catch.
Dillo #49 on 11/23/2009
Dillo #50 on 05/03/2010  Slow Start This Year
Dillo #51 on 05/06/2010
Dillo #52 on 05/08/2010
Dillo #53 on 05/26/2010
Dillo #54 on 06/08/2010
Dillo #55 on 06/17/2010
Dillo #56 on 06/18/2010
Dillo #57 on 06/19/2010
Dillo #58 on 07/31/2010
Dillo #59 on 08/05/2010
Dillo #60 on 08/08/2010  No End To The Dillos
Dillo #61 on 08/13/2010
Dillo #62 on 08/31/2010
Dillo #63 on 09/06/2010
Dillo #64 on 09/10/2010
Dillo #65 on 10/27/2010
Dillo #66 on 04/02/2011  First One This Year
Dillo #67 on 04/07/2011
Dillo #68 on 04/19/2011
Dillo #69 on 04/22/2011
Dillo #70 on 05/01/2011
Dillo #71 on 05/12/2011
Dillo #72 on 05/13/2011
Dillo #73 on 05/20/2011  4 in last 20 days.
Dillo #74 on 06/04/2011
Dillo #75 on 06/12/2011
Dillo #76 on 06/24/2011
Dillo #77 on 06/29/2011
Dillo #78 on 08/04/2011
Dillo #79 on 08/11/2011
Dillo #80 on 08/31/2011
Dillo #81 on 09/01/2011
Dillo #82 on 09/23/2011
Dillo #83 on 03/20/2012  Spring and trap have sprung.
Dillo #84 on 03/21/2012  Two days in a row!
Dillo #85 on 04/04/2012
Dillo #86 on 05/01/2012
Dillo #87 on 07/13/2012
Dillo #88 on 07/25/2012
Dillo #89 on 08/25/2012
Dillo #90 on 08/30/2012
Dillo #91 on 09/09/2012
Dillo #92 on 09/24/2012
Dillo #93 on 04/03/2013  First Dillo of the new season.
Dillo #94 on 04/08/2013
Dillo #95 on 04/09/2013  Two days in a row.
Dillo #96 on 04/16/2013
Dillo #97 on 04/24/2013
Dillo #98 on 05/02/2013
Dillo #99 on 05/15/2013
Dillo #100 on 06/06/2013
Dillo #101 on 06/14/2013
Dillo #102 on 07/14/2013
Dillo #103 on 07/28/2013
Dillo #104 on 05/10/2014  Off to a late start this year.
Dillo #105 on 06/17/2014
Dillo #106 on 06/18/2014
Dillo #107 on 06/20/2014
Dillo #108 on 06/24/2014
Dillo #109 on 08/08/2014
Dillo #110 on 03/30/2015 First Dillo of the new season.
Dillo #111 on 04/01/2015
Dillo #112 on 04/03/2015
Dillo #113 on 04/18/2015
Dillo #114 on 04/26/2015
Dillo #115 on 05/11/2015
Dillo #116 on 05/28/2015
Dillo #117 on 06/12/2015
Dillo #118 on 08/06/2015
Dillo #119 on 08/13/2015
Dillo #120 on 04/21/2016  First one for this year.
Dillo #121 on 04/26/2016
Dillo #122 on 04/28/2016
Dillo #123 on 05/28/2016
Dillo #124 on 05/30/2016

Trapping raccoons late June and early July 2016 so not any Dillo action. Caught 8 raccoons.

Dillo #125 on 08/06/2016
Dillo #126 on 08/31/2016
Dillo #127 on 09/12/2016
Dillo #128 on 03/7/2017  First for 2017 and now with two traps.

Dillo #129 on 05/17/2017
Dillo #130 on 06/12/2017
Dillo #131 on 07/21/2017
Dillo #132 on 08/12/2017
Dillo #133 on 08/15/2017
Dillo #134 on 08/21/2017
Dillo #135 on 08/24/2017
Dillo #136 on 09/21/2017
Dillo #137 on 10/20/2017

Dillo #138 on 04/26/2018 First Dillo of the new season. Busted out!
Dillo #139 on 04/29/2018
Dillo #140 on 05/05/2018
Dillo #141 on 05/10/2018
Dillo #142 on 05/16/2018 First Dillo in the new trap. (NT)
Dillo #143 on 05/19/2018
Dillo #144 on 05/21/2018
Dillo #145 on 06/12/2018
Dillo #146 on 06/21/2018
Dillo #147 on 06/22/2018
Dillo #148 on 06/24/2018
Dillo #149 on 07/02/2018
Dillo #150 on 07/11/2018 (NT)
Dillo #151 on 07/14/2018 (NT)

Didn’t Set Traps at all in 2019.

Broken HB Transducer XTM 9 DI 25 T (6/11/2015)

These images show how the Humminbird XTM 9 DI 25 T makes contact with the mount for the Minn Kota Edge bow mount trolling motor. Labels under the images will try to describe the position of the transducer in relation to the motor and it’s mount. The transducer mounting ear on the bottom broke off and so I had to hold it with my hand to show the normal unbroken position.

The fix was tested today (07/7/2015) and happily worked. It involved Humminbird replacing the transducer with a XNT 9 DI T and me buying a TM-DI-2 Transducer Shield from Product Innovations Inc I’ll add a image of the fix to the slideshow.

A Day on the Mermentau May 1995

The Mermentau River is probably the place that I enjoyed fishing the most. It starts near the town of Mermentau with the convergence of three pretty good size bayous. It ends in the Gulf after passing through Lake Arthur and Grand Lake. Eighty percent is kept fresh by the Catfish Locks run by the Army Corps of Engineers.