Havahart 1079 Trap Degraded

This is the new Havahart 1079 purchased 2/15/2017. This was the first catch of what had to be a raccoon. It's been set for weeks by an

armadillo hole with no luck. I moved it to a game trail 4 days ago and caught a cat. The next day after resetting I found it like this. We have a lot of raccoons and it appears that one forced his way out. I wish I had gone to Amazon reviews prior to the purchase as they are now very weakly made as further images will show.

I have a long history with the older quality version of the Havahart 1079 trap as can be seen by this catch log.

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This and the next two images show where the raccoon bent the rim of the trap by pressing out on the bottom of the door. It's very obvious that a lighter gage of wire is used in the current trap compared with the one I have over 10 years old. Havahart offered a replacement under warranty, but I see no good in that if the next one is made the same way. What if I had the trap in my car for relocation and the raccoon escaped in transit? It could have caused a fatal accident. The second image here has a straight edge of wood placed along the bend to show the distortion. Bent this way the trigger can't even be set. Click The Images To See Larger View:


This is an image of the trap I bought in June 2005. It is the same Havahart model 1079 and you can see it has a much stronger design. It's caught many raccoons and over 120 armadillos with no breakage. It's getting rusty and so I thought I would replace it with one just like it. Little did I know that the design had been degraded so much. I'm very sorry to have bought it and I wish Havahart would take it back. Don't see any point to getting another like it.

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