Havahart 1079 Trap Degraded

This is the new Havahart 1079 purchased 2/15/2017. This was the first catch of what had to be a raccoon. It's been set for weeks by an

armadillo hole with no luck. I moved it to a game trail 4 days ago and caught a cat. The next day after resetting I found it like this. We have a lot of raccoons and it appears that one forced his way out. I wish I had gone to Amazon reviews prior to the purchase as they are now very weakly made as further images will show.

I have a long history with the older quality version of the Havahart 1079 trap as can be seen by this catch log.

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Testing The Picture Module

In an effort to speed up page load on my Drupal sites I am trying the Image Resize Filter. I'll grab a large images and stick them in this article.

Update 5/19/2014: Changed over to the Picture and Breakpoints module for this test image.

Kayak Fishing Logged at Yak Action

A lot of my time lately is spent in the kayak and fishing. My efforts are logged in at YakAction.com, and this is just a little post to mention it and have a reason to try out my new drop down links at the top of the page here.

Our First Portage

We headed out to do an 8 mile paddle down a drainage canal into Bayou Lacassine, and found the water so high that we couldn't get under a bridge about half way to our destination. That's when we did our first ever portage. It wasn't too bad with two people, but not so great if I was alone.

Rule 2000 - The Only Bilge Pump For Me

If this sounds biased that's because it is. The Rule 2000 just works day after day. My outboard rule 2000catfish boat always took a lot of water over the transom working in rough open water. Between every net there was about five gallons of wash down water for the bilge pump to clear. Don't remind me of the big blows where I would seek shelter and the rain came down in buckets.

The Rule 2000 lasts me about 4.5 years. Remember that commercial fishing years are like dog years compared to sport usage. I see they have the Rule 2000 Automatic now but I'm new bilge pump not interested. The plain Rule 2000 with a Rule Super Switch is automatic enough for me. I have never had both go out at the same time and when you add up the dollars it seems to make sense.

The one I have now is dead but it's replacement is already here. I got it at Amazon for a good price after shopping around. They are real nice folks or I wouldn't be mentioning their name here. They also have the Rule Super Switch that I use.

30 Years Of Commercial Fishing


  I started out commercial fishing for catfish on White Lake in 1972 after leaving the job that four years of college had prepared me for. It goes from feeling blessed to wondering if you are cursed. On paper the numbers never really add up and the economics of it all don't work, but yet we survive. I attribute it to Divine providence and the special feeling that Jesus has for fishermen. His earthly life was full of doing favors for them. He gave them miraculous catches and calmed the seas when they were sure that they were doomed. He even got them new carriers when they didn't even know that a job change was what was needed. This is where I seem to be now. On the beach getting the boat in order and waiting for a call to a new direction.

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