Dedicated Server Dreaming

Those that create web sites like myself mostly rely on shared hosting, but we all dream of getting big enough to have our own server.

I moved up last sumer to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which is like dedicated server lite. You have pretty much total control but you still share some resources.

Dedicated Servers are like owning you own private server. I have been looking at The Planet and dreaming. They have been talked well of lately at the forums I frequent. $69 per month while fair is still a little rich for me.

Google Reader – Finally Tried It Tonight

Man am I slow. Google Reader has been out a good while and I am just now giving it a try. It is really nice and fast to get going with.

If you have a Google Account just follow the above link and log in. Click Add Subscription on the left and easily search for your favorite feed. No "how to" needed or setup. There is a tutorial if you want and you will see it after login. Enjoy!

Credit Card Rewards

Hopefully you aren’t like me and asleep at the wheel when it comes to Credit Card rewards. I have several cards dating back over the years. One of the newer ones keeps hyping "what’s in your wallet" and it got me to thinking about  rewards.

Rewards are somtimes referred to as miles or points. The revelation came when I realized that all my other older cards had no rewards. When I really felt dumb was after calling all my card companies and shifting to rewards based accounts. Sometimes they issue a new card, but on one they let me keep the old number.

They each have several plans so take the time to get the one right for you. In talking to friends and relatives about rewards it’s obvious that a lot of others have been asleep at the wheel also.


Holy Spirit Pin 18 Years Later

My friend Vince fished with me for a year ending in the Spring of 1989. In April of that year we were in Bayou Lacassine and pulled up under a Cypress tree to eat our lunch.

Vince had this nice little Holy Spirit pin on his hat and the back band broke. Well those cheap caps are throw aways but the pin was to nice. He spontaneously stuck it in a big cypress like you would a tack on a bulletin board. Continue reading “Holy Spirit Pin 18 Years Later”