Meta Tags in WordPress

I’m trying to optimize Search Engine visibility for everything we are doing on the web. Tags help you to be found in the social bookmarking services, and for meta tags a good TITLE and description may help you with SE placement.

Some say that duplicate titles and descriptions lean Google toward calling your content duplicate which is a negative. WordPress and TypePad give you a title that is the name of your blog with the post name added after. It makes all your titles look the same and if the name of your blog is long Google’s search results all have the same title line. Check by searching for in Google or the other two major engines.

To get around this I modified my template in header.php. I reversed the order here:

<title><?php wp_title(); ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

Putting wp_title() first and shortening my blog name gives me more unique looking titles in the search results.

To get keywords and descriptions I used two plugins. Ultimate Tag Warrior and Tags in The Head. Tags in The Head is supposed to dredge up a description from your content of a length you specify. It’s not working but it makes the manual insert easy.

View your source to see the before and after results. You can isolate this post and check how it works. I’m not going back to fix all the past posts but going forward the posts should look better in the search results.

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