We closed our blog at, but had this content that we just couldn't let vanish. Some of it goes back prior to the opening of Palmetto Park so the publish dates won't make sense.

Bear In My Tent

I remember camping with the Boy Scouts at the Chimney Tops Campground, and a Black Bear came visiting while we slept. If you say there is no such campground you are right, as some years back the Park Service made this jewel in the Smokies a picnic only area.

There had been a lot of bears seen around the area so the Scout Master posted a rotating fire watch through the night. We had our food tied up in trees.

Sleeping Bag Survival

Something to think about before dozing off in your nice warm and cozy sleeping bag. Say a prayer for and be mindful of ways to help Veterans that have to camp to survive.

I just discovered Wanderingvet after a search bringing me to his recent post titled “8 to 12 Hugs a Day?”. Don’t go there unless you are willing to be moved.

Camping Goat Man Style

Goat man with goats

Goat Man

Wasting time on YouTube and came up on a video of the Goat Man and it got me rolling down memory lane. Old timers from East Tennessee and North Georgia will remember him.

Camping On White Creek in Tennessee


Boy Scout Memorial-Rhea County, Tennessee

I got to thinking about an old camping trip on White Creek just a few miles south of Rockwood, Tennessee. What amazed me was how much information is on the web related to obscure places like that. This is no national park, but just a big chunk of private land too rugged for development so far.

Buzzards Own Palmetto Island State Park

In Dead Tree

In Dead Tree

We went out to give the boat a run June 25th and wound up at Palmetto Island State Park. Of course we all know it’s finished but there is no money to open it. There are even signs up on the local highways saying Palmetto Island Park and right under that is a sign that says “Park Closed”.