My Investing World

I got into investing in the Fall of 2000, and will always be a small fry in a pond full of big fish. Starting out after the big bubble burst has been like swimming up stream. I feel like that a lot has been learned mostly from my mistakes. In the spring of 2000 my IRA's, which are the bulk of my savings, were neatly rapped up in zero coupon bonds which I never worried about. A couple of months later I was investing online with self directed accounts. It reminds me of a Billy Joel song, "Why do I always go to extremes?"

Now five years later my career changes and cancer in the family have turned investing into a nearly a spectator sport. I still follow the market out of curiosity and occasionally make a small move. My guidance now comes from Drach Market Research. I don't think he has a web site but you can learn about him at the Nightly Business Report site.

Well it has been an exciting and enjoyable experience so far and progress has been made. Below are some links to people or places that are important to me at this point in my investing journey.

Looking For a Place to Talk Stocks? Try if you want a civilized place to communicate about AIM or any other investing idea. This is a bulletin board environment with fast loading pages and easy on the eye presentation thanks to Bob who keeps the tech part running. Matt, the site administrator, keeps the animals in control. It's a fast growing place with converts coming over from, Silicon Investor, The Fool, and Raging Bull all the time.


dollarMedved Quote Tracker This is what I use during the day to follow stocks when the ticker addiction takes hold. It's a free download with adds, and about $60 with no adds.

chartsGreat Charts for Free If you need to learn to use charts, this is the place with even a "Chart School".