Raccoon Trap - Armadillo Trap

Yes the catalog does say Havahart Raccoon Trap but we bought it to trap armadillos. raccoon We have been having a squirrel feeder on the Oak tree in the back yard, and something had started raiding it in the night.

We put our trusty armadillo-raccoon trap below the squirrel feeder on the ground and baited with corn. The first night we caught a fairly sweet opossum, and the second night we caught this bad boy.

He was a very heavy critter compared to the armadillos and very mean tempered. He jumped at my hand every time it got near him. Check out all the grass and dirt he drug into the trap over night.

We brought him to the grandkids house to let them see him up close and watch the release. Notice the release is at their house which is also in the country like us. While I'm struggling to let him go without loosing a finger, some bubbas stop in the road. They holler, "Let us have him so we can let our dogs kill him". After telling them to keep moving we let the raccoon go. He did 100 fast yards without stopping till he hit the woods.

We now (7/13/2011) have another raccoon that cleans up the squirrel food every night and we have a collapsable large trap that we are getting ready to order from Shopping Warehouse for $67.99.

kids and dillo
Caught 07/12/2006
Another 07/01/2009
Another 09/05/2013 Moved to Noah Rd. next day.
Another 09/06/2013 Moved to Noah Rd. next day. Yes two days in a row.
Young one 07/11/2014. Let him go.